Who we are

Mission to Elderlies Foundation is an organization that has Mission to Elderlies project (ME Project) as its’ primary project, aimed at providing hospital based and community based geriatric services to the aging population.

While we have responsibility to other vulnerable groups, our primary goal is to serve the older population who we believe have not received the deserving attention.

We are a team of passionate health and other related professionals who are on a MISSION of taking medicine and mission to the older persons, in order to achieve our VISION of making care accessible, acceptable and affordable for older persons in Africa.

In addition, we:

  • make care accessible through partnering with hospitals including community hospitals to institute geriatric clinics and training of health providers on healthcare of the older patient.
  • make care acceptable through engaging case managers to provide home based care to our beneficiaries (older persons) and providing Household economic strengthening (HES) activities to caregivers of our beneficiaries to care for their older ones in age friendly ‘family’ environment thereby encouraging aging-in-place.
  • make care affordable through enrolling our beneficiaries into National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) to reduce out of pocket expenditure on healthcare.
  • Provide nutrition assessment and intervention including food support;
  • Institute geriatric drug bank in communities to serve chronically ill elderly patients needing routine supply of drugs
  • Provide eye care including giving of eye glasses and
  • Provide materials preventive and protective materials like walking sticks, prosthesis, hearing aid, and ITN
  • Conduct home visit by trained case managers to carry out home based assessment, service provision and health education;
  • Reintegrate homeless elderly to nuclear and extended family units;
  • Provide counselling and intervention on legal and protection related matters through legal unit
  • Provide psychosocial services through hosting of community based socially relevant and spiritually sensitive forum for beneficiaries and their caregivers
  • Conduct system strengthening for health systems and policy makers; carry out advocacy to government, civil society organizations, community gate keepers and general audience on age related matters such as combating ageism and elderly abuse;
  • Provide structured curriculum based training for health workers and students and older persons and their caregivers on healthy aging;
  • Contribute to knowledge and body of science through developing of data capturing tools, conducting researches and publications on aging related topics.

Our Aim

We partner with individual philanthropists, groups, organizations and government to reach out annually to a 1000 older persons with 5213 reached so far. Yet with expanded partnerships, we have a mandate of reaching to 1,000,000 older persons in Africa.