Our Strategies

The following are the strategies being adopted by ME project;

  • Community-based geriatric service (CGS)– which involves mobile geriatric services from one community to another across states and countries, where there is provision of free services like nursing, consultation, lab tests, optometry, physiotherapy, pharmaceutical, provision of corrective lenses, provision of medical related gifts like walking stick, insecticide treated net, health education, and referral.
  • Hospital-based geriatric services (HGS) entails institutionalizing geriatric care unit into the hospitals and establishing major geriatric specialist hospitals- where the aged will be offered medical and surgical services at free or at subsidized rate. During the community based geriatric service, a health center in the host community is visited 1 month before the community outreach date. Management of the health center is met and informed of the community outreach activities and plan to establish a geriatric clinic days in the hospital. On acceptance of the plan, a four man team (Nurse, Doctor, Lab, social welfare personnel) is appointed by management to coordinate the unit. Furthermore, the team and hospital staff are trained on basic geriatric assessment and management and documentation of services in registers. Additionally, a referral directory is designed to aid for referral when needed. While medical evaluation and management is provided by the geriatric clinic, community mobilization officer ensures continuous community mobilization encouraging the elderlies in the community to visit the hospital on geriatric clinic days for medical attention. ME project supports the clinic with vital signs apparatus, glucometer, common medications and walking sticks. In absence of an optometrist in the center, ME project engages an optometrist to visit the health center monthly on geriatric clinic days to provide services to clients. Job aids and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are designed by ME Project and supplied to the clinic to enable standard and quality of service. Also, documentation tools are supplied and mentored on to aid evaluation of service provision. A quarterly visit is made by ME project team to the established clinic to review activities, for mentoring, evaluation and continuous quality improvement.
  • Social department provides the elderly with social classes who takes in clients for social and curricular activities. Social classes speak to the mental, emotional and psychosocial lives of the ages, tackling the loneliness that comes with aging. Social activities include; learning something new like weaving, singing, music; entertainment with movies, stories; talk show broadcast to provide them with platform to share life and work experiences including histories from which the younger generation could learn from; whereas other discussions centers around health, legal matters and spiritual wellbeing of the aged. Moreover, ME project works with team of legal practitioner in the Legal department that has tenacity to handle all legal matters/complaints of associated with the elderlies. Legal department handles matters relating to negligence, land disputes, pension and gratuity among others.
  • Economic and financial department of the organization; funds and grant are provided to elderlies, who demonstrate by interview, ability to run a business in partnership with financial advisors of the organization. This could be refundable or non- refundable grant selected given based on stipulated criteria. To meet the spiritual need of the clients, spiritual counselors of the organization provides counseling to the clients. The financial department also works with the legal department to ensure that health benefits of the elderlies as spelt by National health acts/laws are received. Thus, project through partnership with the National health insurance scheme (NHIS) creates awareness and enrolls elderlies into NHIS program for the elderly persons. Moreover, ME project works with insurance companies like African Alliance Insurance to create awareness and enroll elderlies into annuity plan in which those on contributory pension plan transfer their pension plan from unsteady government pension plan to reliable private pension organization.